Revelant laboratories include Central Laboratory facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado operated by their Academic Partnership with Colorado State University (CSU) and Mobile Laboratory Trucks operated by the company.

These laboratories insure optimized tool installation and operation customize to each oil well. They also provide quality control (QC) protocols and quantitative documentation of the ENERCAT’s influence on each well’s unique crude oil fluids.

Central Lab

The Partnership is engaged in fundamental research and development projects with the CSU faculty. The purpose is to further our understanding of the physics and chemistry that governs The ENERCAT tools, their affect on fluids and to provide academic oversight and scholarly peer review.

Over the past two decades the tools’ effect on fluids has been documented through empirical observations, which will help guide initial research and development.

Revelant Labs
Central Instrument Facility (CIF)
The Partnership’s research and development group is comprised of physical chemists, condensed matter physicists, theoretical chemists and material chemists and are currently in the process of setting up the Fort Collins’ laboratories which were previously housed in Evergreen, Colorado.
The Central Instrument Facility is located in the Chemistry Building on the CSU campus supporting specialized advanced chemical and materials sciences.The Partnership will initially make use of large equipment housed and maintained in the CIF of the CSU Chemistry Building.
Research Innovation Center (RIC)

The RIC, a company facility, will be housed in this off-campus, highly-secure research center with a long history of company incubation.

The RIC lab will house the CSU Academic Research Group including Prof. Amber Krummel and Dr. Brad Luther and staff.

This staff will be equipped with a library of water and oil samples from around the world, Scanning Electron Microscopy/Transmission Electron Microscopy (SEM/TEM), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), SQUID and Magnetometry instruments.