Revelant is a technology company bringing the Enercat™ tool to the oil and gas industry as an entirely new and  innovative way to improve the properties of fluids downhole and at the surface. The tool does this by preventing paraffin and scale deposition, breaking emulsions and lowering the viscosity of heavy oil. The result is stabilized production, decreased operation expenses and protection of the environment.

Revelant is in an R&D partnership with Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado to continue development of this patent-pending technology which uses physics at the molecular level to drive chemistry. With its corporate office now in Houston and four regional USA offices serving the oil & gas industry, Revelant is currently focusing on the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, Mid-Continent and San Juan Basin. Plans to expand, are largely dependent on Revelant’s commitment and ability to maintain its high-quality customer service.

Our team has expertise and experience in the fields of artificial lift, inflow performance, production chemicals, fundamental chemistry & physics and petroleum geology. Using this expertise we provide on-site and in-person support for our clients. We strive to work alongside our clients beyond just the start and finish of a project.