Solving age old production challenges a new way

Increasing Profitability

Production Stabilization

Our technology helps reduce work over frequency related to paraffin, calcium carbonate scale and emulsions, ultimately stabilizing your production over time.

Lower Operating Expenses

Our technology helps reduce, and in some cases, eliminate downhole chemical expenses, hot oiling, wire line knife cutting and repair costs related to paraffin, calcium carbonate scale and emulsions.

Physics Driving Chemistry

The Material

The tools are made of a proprietary composite material that is not magnetic or radioactive nor uses any chemical. The tools require no external power source, maintenance or servicing. The material is configured into different tool designs as shown here.

Bandpass Filter Technology

Using ambient energy from the reservoir, the tool affects the way molecules in fluids vibrate. Changing these vibrations affects how molecules interact with one another resulting in improved fluid properties.

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