Solving age old production challenges a new way

Increasing Profitability

Production Stabilization

Our technology helps reduce work over frequency related to paraffin, calcium carbonate scale and emulsions, ultimately stabilizing your production over time.

Lower Operating Expenses

Our technology helps reduce, and in some cases, eliminate downhole chemical expenses, hot oiling, wire line knife cutting and repair costs related to paraffin, calcium carbonate scale and emulsions.

Physics Driving Chemistry

ENERCAT™ : Energy Catalyst

The Enercat™ tools are made of a proprietary composite material that is not magnetic or radioactive nor uses any chemical. The tools require no external power source, maintenance or servicing. The Enercat™ material is configured into different tool designs as shown here.

Bandpass Filter Technology

Using ambient energy from the reservoir, the ENERCAT™ tool affects the way molecules in fluids vibrate. Changing these vibrations affects how molecules interact with one another resulting in improved fluid properties.

  • ""The well has performed flawlessly and has encountered no down time and has achieved optimum production. We will be installing ENERCAT tools in the remainder of our wells and would recommend this technology to anyone who is dealing with paraffin problems.""

    - Arnie Hansen, President – Reef Resources LTD

  • "" I am satisfied that these ENERCATs prevent wax and asphaltine accumulation and it is our intention to run them during completion operations on new wells as standard procedure and during workover operations on existing production.""

    - Allan B. Seaman, President – Chipman Energy Limited

  • ""I calculated the increased revenues plus wax-cut savings, paid for the tools in just over a month. Needless to say, we will be running Enercats on all our new wells and whenever we have a workover on an existing well, send me some more!""

    - Drew Cadenhead, COO – TAG Oil LTD

  • ""Since running the Para-Tech tools the wells have had no down-time and are averaging 55 BOPD with no sign of wax down-hole, in meters or in flow lines. Pigging of a 1000 meter oil line, which used to take hours was done in minutes after running your tools. Quadron Resources Ltd. will definitely be using Para-Tech tools in the future.""

    - Ronald R. Talbot, President – Quadron Resources LTD

  • ""I am pleased to inform you that the tools continue to perform beyond our expectations. In the wells where tools have been installed we no longer have any indication of paraffin/scale deposition in either well bores or flowlines, and all previous treatments have been discontinued.""

    - C.R. Gulliford, Production Foreman – Anderson Exploration Ltd.

  • ""Thank you for your recent call to inquire about the continued performance of the ENERCATs that we installed 3.5 years ago. The units have continued to provide the wax reduction initially seen when they were installed. No chemical program has been initiated and the levels of wax obtained by pigging are minimal.""

    - Robert L. Nelson, Corrosion Technologist – Nexen Canada Ltd

  • "" The system eliminated our wax problem. From going from hot oiling the tubing on a regular basis to not having to hot oil once in three years, it's easy to see the benefits of the tools. They saved on costs, intensive labor, downtime and reservoir damage.""

    - Max Mellafont, Apache Canada LTD

  • ""Historically we had to hot oil the wells every 10 weeks or the wells would wax off. It has been 35 weeks since we have installed the ENERCATS and we have neither hot oiled the wells or pigged any of the flowlines and have not encountered any wax deposition problems. We are currently starting a program where all 65 Response wells in Cardium Field will have an ENERCAT tool on them.""

    - Mike Medwid, President – Response Energy Corporation

  • ""The production from the well has remained steady, i.e. there is no discernable decline in production. The tool is effective in inhibiting the deposition of paraffin in tubing and on sucker rods.""

    - H.E. Leith, Operation Supervisor – ISH Energy LTD

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